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Month: November 2016

Delivery Versus Culture: Who’s Eating Who For Breakfast?

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It’s said that culture eats strategy for breakfast… and I personally believe that to be entirely true… but what about delivery? Culture might trump strategy every time… but can the same really be said for delivery?

Tough Talking: The Art of Handling Difficult Conversations

difficult conversations

One of the most regular training requests I get asked for is advice on handling difficult conversations. Whether it’s managing a tough client negotiation, dealing with a grievance, or even asking for a pay rise… there are certain conversational topics which we seem to come pre-programmed to want to avoid.

Breaking Into HR: How To Make It As An HR Professional

human resources

Before I started my HR career, I trained and worked as a professional actor. I made the decision early on to change my career path after fairly rapidly realising that the cutthroat world of professional theatre was unlikely to offer me the financial security I was looking for!

Policies, Procedures and Painful Processes


If you read my blog post: What Does The HR Department Actually Do, you’ll know that one of the delivery focus areas I referenced was Legislative Compliance. We have a responsibility to our organisation to ensure that we are legally compliant and have people practices in place supporting this.

However, how do you ensure that you strike the right balance? How do you ensure that your policies are compliant and your organisation stays out of any employment tribunals without spending all of your time here, at the detriment of the engagement and experience of your employees, and the achievement of your organisational goals?

Times They Are A’Changing: The Secrets of Successful Change Management

change management

As I write this post, the USA has just voted in its new President. For the US people – and the world – we are about to enter into a period of significant change.

What’s In A Name? – The Rise And Fall Of The Human Resources Department

human resources

Over the last few decades, the function once almost exclusively known as Personnel has gradually rebranded itself as the Human Resources department. Theories abound as to the reasons why: anything from an increasing US influence to a desire to demonstrate a harder edge and move away from the ‘tea and tissues’ stereotype.

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