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Month: December 2016

Looking Ahead: My HR Predictions for 2017

As we head into the final weeks of the year, thoughts start to turn to what 2017 has in store for us. While on a personal level we may be considering lifestyle changes or travel plans, 2017 will also inevitably bring change and developments in the world of HR.

Strategy and Housekeeping: Year End Priorities


As the end of year approaches at pace, in between the Christmas festivities it might be time to think about getting your HR house in order.

Most of us will have started the year with some sort of plan of action in the form of our HR strategy. Precisely what that strategy looks like will vary dramatically – anything from a formal strategy document to a roughly drawn out to do list! Either way, it will have outlined our target areas of focus for the year.

It’s The Little Things That Make A Difference

give employees

With the build up to Christmas in full swing, I’ve been chatting recently to friends and family about what their workplaces have planned for the festive season. It’s been an interesting snapshot of how different organisations approach it, to say the least.

Generally speaking, their feedback has been pretty scathing. For some individuals, their organisation does nothing. Literally: nothing. No party, no Christmas lunches, no Christmas Eve early finish… nothing. For some others, there are events on offer, but at a price. As a result, they are only accessible to those employees who are willing and able to pay – something which is clearly not an option for everyone at this cash strapped time of year.

Women in Business: My Story

women business

Since I started writing this blog, the post I’ve had most requested is for me to write something about being a senior woman in business. I’ve resisted this, for a couple of reasons. Partly because I hate the fact that this is even something to write about, that it’s in any way newsworthy. If I were male, would I be getting a load of requests to write about being a senior man in business? Probably not.

The Long Distance Relationship: Managing A Remote Workforce

remote worker

The way we work is changing. Whilst the majority of us are currently classed as ‘office’ workers, based permanently at our organisation’s main office or site location, this is unlikely to be the case for very much longer. We are seeing an ever-increasing trend towards remote working, whether from home or from smaller satellite locations which could be just about anywhere on the planet.

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