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Month: April 2017

Why I Don’t Believe Job Descriptions Are Worth The Paper They’re Written On

There are few things I am more averse to in the HR sphere than a job description. At one time ubiquitous, I am now optimistic about the fact that they will shortly become a dying breed. And no one will celebrate their demise more than I will.

Getting Back To Basics: How To Be A Great Line Manager

We’ve all heard that old adage: People leave managers, not companies. While that’s not necessarily the case 100% of the time, it is nevertheless undeniable that the person managing you has a significant impact on how you feel about your role, your potential for progression, and your organisation.

Caring: An Underrated Attribute

One of my greatest frustrations as I have progressed through my career has been the experiences I have had – thankfully few and far between – of working alongside people who haven’t cared. People who just haven’t been bothered about the end result, who don’t care about where we end up.

The reason this is frustrating is twofold. Firstly, when people don’t care, we are less likely to achieve our goals. And secondly, when people don’t care, we are more likely to lose our good people. More likely to lose those people who really do care, who really want to make a difference, but gradually, over time, become worn down by the apathetic approach of their colleagues around them.

Defining Your Culture: Making It Real

In my next blog in my series on Culture, Engagement and Business Objectives, I want to look at how we really start to define our culture.

The HR press have done culture no favours. It is all too frequently described as this almost ethereal concept, impossible to pin down and to objectively define. Consequently, there is a very real risk that it becomes perceived as some fluffy whim which should sit firmly – and solely – within HR’s domain.

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