Up Close and Personnel

Month: January 2018

The Gender Pay Gap: Time’s Up

The gender pay gap is going to be a hot topic in 2018. With the mandatory reporting deadline for companies with over 250 employees fast approaching, organisations everywhere will find themselves with it at the top of their strategic agenda… whether they’re comfortable with that or not.

People Management, and Getting It Right

I’ve written previously about the reasons why I believe you can’t teach someone to be a great people manager. You can improve someone’s people management skills, but my personal belief, borne out by my years of working with people and their line managers, is that people management, and inherently understanding how you inspire, develop and get the best out of people, in itself is not something which can be taught.

Time’s Up

Time’s up. And it’s time we properly talked about the problem. And not simply talked, either. It’s time to act.

Ten Things I’m Going To Do More of In 2018

When we set our New Year resolutions, they’re often about achieving particular goals. Whether it’s nailing that particular promotion, or just shifting a few pounds, we tend to think about the end result rather than the behaviours we exhibit in order to get there.

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