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Delivering Value: A Roll Out Programme

Following on from my recent blog on the Value of Values, I wanted to write a series of blog posts talking about the roll out of our new values here at Benefex.

The first and most obvious question you might ask is, why the change? If you already have a set of values in place, why look to change them?

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Workplace Perils: The Curse of Busy


It’s a phrase which, as you read this post, is being uttered in tens of thousands of offices the world over:

“I’m busy.”

Or, perhaps:

“I’m too busy.”

Or, if we really want to make the point:

“I’m really busy.”

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The Value of Values


 Here at Benefex we are currently in the process of relaunching our Company values. Our new set of values have been revamped, realigned to our business direction, and are designed to give everyone who works for us the best possible chance of succeeding in what they do.

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Defining Your Culture: Making It Real

In my next blog in my series on Culture, Engagement and Business Objectives, I want to look at how we really start to define our culture.

The HR press have done culture no favours. It is all too frequently described as this almost ethereal concept, impossible to pin down and to objectively define. Consequently, there is a very real risk that it becomes perceived as some fluffy whim which should sit firmly – and solely – within HR’s domain.

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Culture, Engagement and Business Objectives: A Model

In the last blog post in this series I talked about my personal experiences of the impact culture can have on engagement, and therefore the delivery of business objectives. Following on from this, I want to now look at how these fit together in a model, and how the relationship between them is driven.

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Removing The Parenting Taboo

If we want to avoid the human race dying out, it is a requirement that we continuously repopulate. Each generation takes on the responsibility for bringing up and raising the generation that follows. In very simple terms: if our generation don’t have children, then there will be no generations to come, and mankind will eventually die out.

With this as the backdrop, I confess to being absolutely baffled as to why still, in the year 2017, there is a majority viewpoint that business and family life should be mutually exclusive.

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Culture and Engagement: A Long Term Relationship

In my last blog post in this series I started to explore how culture and engagement drive business objectives. We looked at the definition of ‘culture’ and ‘engagement’, and in turn, why this makes these elements so vitally important to an organisation.

We now need to start to look more closely at the relationship between culture and engagement. In order to do so, I want to share with you a case study. This case study is based around an experience I had very early on in my career, in my first HR role.

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Employee Appreciation: Saying Thank You Costs Nothing


Last Friday, 3 March, was Employee Appreciation Day. The celebration of employee efforts and contribution to industry was started in the US, but is rapidly also being adopted this side of the Atlantic.

While the concept is laudable, for me personally I struggle with the idea that anything as important as appreciating our employees should be restricted to the confines of just one day. I recognise that the theory behind such a day is to ensure employee appreciation is front of mind but, frankly, if we need a day in the calendar to show our employees that we appreciate them, then there is something fundamentally wrong with our working practises.

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Why The Concept Of A Work Life Balance Just Doesn’t Work For Me


I’m going to be upfront from the start, in that I have a huge issue with the phrase “work/life balance”. To me, its connotations are both incorrect and unhelpful. By differentiating “work” and “life”, we have a starting point which suggests that working is mutually exclusive to living, and that every moment we spend at work is a moment which prevents us from getting to all other elements of our life.

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Dressing To Impress: The Dress Code Dilemma

dress codes

One of the things I’ve learnt over the course of my HR career to date is that it’s quite often the smallest things which make the biggest difference to employees. Consult on a change of terms and conditions of employment and the fall out can be minimal. Fail to provide sufficient milk supplies for the week and you face a positive mutiny!

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