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Sharing The Knowledge

 Every organisation out there is sitting on a mine of knowledge. In most cases, however, it goes primarily untapped. There is therefore a huge opportunity for business and HR leaders everywhere to grab the source of this knowledge with both hands, to extrapolate it and maximise the impact it can have on organisational delivery.

Cast No Shadow: The Benefits of Work Shadowing

work shadowing

You have no doubt heard of work shadowing. It’s something which is typically used as part of an induction, or training process. The idea being that an employee goes and sits with another employee, to observe them working. Why? Well, the benefits are multiple. It’s a chance to observe working practises first hand. An opportunity to absorb knowledge and to learn new skills via direct observation. For new joiners to the business, it also provides time to get to know colleagues and start to build those all-important working relationships.

Benefex University: A Learning Organisation In Action

At the top of my to do list when I came back to work in January after the Christmas break, was sharing the programme of events we had scheduled in through the Benefex University for 2017 with all Benefex employees.

The Benefex University was borne out of the Management Development Programme we had implemented in 2015 for all of our line managers. Feedback we received on the training we delivered through the programme was hugely positive, but we had one big problem. Targeting only our managers meant that we were only delivering a training programme to around 10% of the organisation.

Tough Talking: The Art of Handling Difficult Conversations

difficult conversations

One of the most regular training requests I get asked for is advice on handling difficult conversations. Whether it’s managing a tough client negotiation, dealing with a grievance, or even asking for a pay rise… there are certain conversational topics which we seem to come pre-programmed to want to avoid.

The Learning Agenda: Why it’s everyone’s responsibility


Training and development is something which it seems all too easy for managers and employees alike to dismiss with a sweeping ‘that’s HR’s responsibility’. The logic being, presumably, that it involves people, and therefore anything people related should remain the sole remit of HR.

The trouble is, that logic doesn’t quite follow through. People will be involved in every aspect of your business activities, and to silo the gargantuan responsibility of their learning and development into a box marked ‘HR’, without any of the specialist knowledge and experience from departments right around the business, means at best you miss a massive opportunity, at worst you seriously under deliver to your people and disengage them as a result. 

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