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A Successful Management Relationship: The Importance Of Respect

A friend of mine has been having a rather torrid time at work recently. She has a new line manager. Unfortunately for her, it transpires that this particular individual is not the best when it comes to managing people. Quite an issue, when they have responsibility for a team of twenty people.

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The Long Goodbye: Taking Notice of Notice Periods

notice of notice period

 Partings are a fact of life, and never more so than within the workplace, given on average, we change jobs ten to fifteen times over the course of our career.

While there are the odd occasions when employees will leave without notice, in the vast majority of instances there is a notice period to be worked out – typically anything from a single day up until six months, or even longer.

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It’s The Little Things That Make A Difference

give employees

With the build up to Christmas in full swing, I’ve been chatting recently to friends and family about what their workplaces have planned for the festive season. It’s been an interesting snapshot of how different organisations approach it, to say the least.

Generally speaking, their feedback has been pretty scathing. For some individuals, their organisation does nothing. Literally: nothing. No party, no Christmas lunches, no Christmas Eve early finish… nothing. For some others, there are events on offer, but at a price. As a result, they are only accessible to those employees who are willing and able to pay – something which is clearly not an option for everyone at this cash strapped time of year.

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The Long Distance Relationship: Managing A Remote Workforce

remote worker

The way we work is changing. Whilst the majority of us are currently classed as ‘office’ workers, based permanently at our organisation’s main office or site location, this is unlikely to be the case for very much longer. We are seeing an ever-increasing trend towards remote working, whether from home or from smaller satellite locations which could be just about anywhere on the planet.

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How To Be An Awesome Line Manager

manager star

In a previous post, I talked about the importance of structured management development programmes when it comes to equipping individuals who may be promoted into management roles to really deliver results. For me, such programmes are vital when it comes to ensuring managers are truly effective within their roles and are delivering value against the business objectives.

What happens, though, if you don’t have access to formal management training? Perhaps you’re brand new to management, and are yet to have an opportunity to get through the training. Perhaps your organisation doesn’t yet offer a structured management development programme. Regardless, I believe there are a number of small yet critical things which every single one of us can do as a line manager, which will transform the experience of the employees we have responsibility for.

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Management Development: Does It Really Matter?

management development programme

The question I quite often get asked by graduates who come to interview, eager to progress up the rungs of the career ladder, is ‘How do I become a manager?’ The challenge, I always tell them, is that there’s no easy answer.

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