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How To Be An Awesome Line Manager

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In a previous post, I talked about the importance of structured management development programmes when it comes to equipping individuals who may be promoted into management roles to really deliver results. For me, such programmes are vital when it comes to ensuring managers are truly effective within their roles and are delivering value against the business objectives.

What happens, though, if you don’t have access to formal management training? Perhaps you’re brand new to management, and are yet to have an opportunity to get through the training. Perhaps your organisation doesn’t yet offer a structured management development programme. Regardless, I believe there are a number of small yet critical things which every single one of us can do as a line manager, which will transform the experience of the employees we have responsibility for.

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Management Development: Does It Really Matter?

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The question I quite often get asked by graduates who come to interview, eager to progress up the rungs of the career ladder, is ‘How do I become a manager?’ The challenge, I always tell them, is that there’s no easy answer.

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