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Love Is In The Air: How To Love What You Do


We’ve all met them, haven’t we? Those lucky b*stards who, when asked what they do, turn around and smugly announce “Oh, I’m a [job title]. I absolutely love my job.” And, for any of us who dread the Monday morning alarm call and spend every working hour wishing the week away, our reaction will be mixed with disbelief and envy. How can anyone love going to work?

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Presenting with Presence: How To Nail That Presentation, Every Time


Yesterday I was privileged to attend the Benefex Winter Forum, in the jaw dropping surroundings of the Ham Yard Hotel. Over the course of the day we were treated to an array of expert speakers presenting to us on a wide range of topics. The day provided me with an opportunity not only to learn about a number of different HR trends happening in the industry right now, but also to really appreciate the very impressive presentation skills displayed right across the panel of presenters.

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Feeling The Fear And Doing It Anyway

In my blog post, 10 Things We Should All Do More of In 2017, I wrote about good reasons to feel the fear and do something anyway. Without a doubt, the most game changing (in a positive way!) moments of my career to date have been when I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone and done something outside of the norm. If you want to deliver something remarkable, you need be prepared to do something remarkable to get there.

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