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Why the world of work is simply not changing fast enough

Following a conversation with a friend, I wrote a short LinkedIn status update this week. It was an update that has staggered me, both with the traction it has gained and – very unusually on LinkedIn! – the almost universal consensus from commenters.

10 Things We Should All Do More Of In 2017

It’s the start of a new year, and with the start of a new year comes the opportunity for all of us to break out of our comfort zones and do things slightly differently.

Exactly what your focus areas for 2017 are going to be will of course depend partly on your role and your organisational objectives for the year. However, it is my belief that there are certain things which all of us should look to do more of in 2017… because the difference we can make when we do so can be genuinely transformational.

Strategy and Housekeeping: Year End Priorities


As the end of year approaches at pace, in between the Christmas festivities it might be time to think about getting your HR house in order.

Most of us will have started the year with some sort of plan of action in the form of our HR strategy. Precisely what that strategy looks like will vary dramatically – anything from a formal strategy document to a roughly drawn out to do list! Either way, it will have outlined our target areas of focus for the year.

Times They Are A’Changing: The Secrets of Successful Change Management

change management

As I write this post, the USA has just voted in its new President. For the US people – and the world – we are about to enter into a period of significant change.

Bringing Your Corporate Values To Life


Pick any organisation you like, and the chances are that, alongside their mission statement and corporate vision, they will have a set of core company values. Each business will try and spin these in a slightly different way in order to give the illusion of originality, but the fact is that they will all ultimately be saying the same thing: ‘Follow these guiding principles and we will achieve our organisational goals.’

Sounds pretty compelling, no? A set of guidelines which, if followed, lead to the assured achievement of objectives? It’s no wonder corporate values have become a key topic of discussion around the boardroom table.

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