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How To Be An HR Legend

Reams and reams has been written about what great looks like when it comes to HR, and the weary HR professional could be forgiven for thinking they’ve taken on something of an impossible task. If you believe everything you read, you’ve got to have superhuman abilities and be able to turn your hand to just about anything. And while there are days in HR in which that’s quite possibly true, the biggest impact is actually made by us doing a more limited number of things really really well. Fifteen years into my HR career… here are the things – not all of which I profess to do brilliantly just yet, by any stretch of the imagination! – which I think transforms competent individuals… into HR legends.

Absence Management: Giving HR A Bad Name

Absence management is one of those processes that gives HR a bad name. We know that historically HR has been seen as reactive, caught up in compliance and red tape. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to absence management; there are countless examples of HR taking employees to task over their absence record, invoking disciplinary action and even dismissing individuals for the “crime” of too many days away from the office.

Delivering Value: A Roll Out Programme

Following on from my recent blog on the Value of Values, I wanted to write a series of blog posts talking about the roll out of our new values here at Benefex.

The first and most obvious question you might ask is, why the change? If you already have a set of values in place, why look to change them?

Why The Concept Of A Work Life Balance Just Doesn’t Work For Me


I’m going to be upfront from the start, in that I have a huge issue with the phrase “work/life balance”. To me, its connotations are both incorrect and unhelpful. By differentiating “work” and “life”, we have a starting point which suggests that working is mutually exclusive to living, and that every moment we spend at work is a moment which prevents us from getting to all other elements of our life.

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