Exactly three years ago today I had classic “new girl” nerves. After almost nine years in a job that I absolutely loved, I was moving to head up the HR function here at Benefex. It was a role that I desperately wanted, but that doesn’t stop the first day in any new job being mildly terrifying. However great the recruitment process, waiting to find out if the reality matches your expectations is always nerve-wracking.

I’ve never been one to job hop. I have always tried to ensure I carry out my research and find organisations to work within which really match my own personal values and approach to work. We spend a huge percentage of our waking time at work. I believe we should all have the right to love what we do, and have sought to find companies who mirror that thinking.

Three years at Benefex has passed in a blink of an eye. It feels like only five minutes ago that I was sitting here on my first day, and yet, at the same time, it’s amazing to look back over that time and see everything that we’ve achieved. In honour of my three year “Benefex-ary”, here are the things which still, three years on, make me feel so incredibly lucky to work here.

#1 The People

It’s the number one best thing about working at Benefex, according to every exit interview we’ve ever carried out, and I couldn’t agree more. We take a lot of time over the cultural elements of our recruitment process in order to find amazing people who really want to make a difference… and I can confirm that it’s definitely paid off.

#2 The Brand

Everyone wants to feel proud of where they work, right? You might have heard the theory that you can tell a lot about how somewhere feels about where they work as to whether they state it by name – “I work for Benefex” – or whether they just give a generic response – “I work for a technology company”. Our brand and our product are world class, and I am proud every single day to stand up and say that I work for Benefex.

#3 The Culture

Culture is everything to me. It would be my number one reason for turning down a job, and, conversely, it was the reason I had sleepless nights during my own recruitment and selection process for Benefex, because I wanted to work for an organisation which had such a driven, passionate, and fun culture so very much.

#4 The Support

I’m still seen as a relatively rare breed in the world of work – a woman holding a senior, full time position who also has two young children. I’m only able to do this because Benefex has not simply allowed, but positively encouraged me to integrate my work and home lives. I can be there when my children need me – and there when my job needs me. And, very occasionally, there when they both need me… the slightly unexpected inset day with my children building Lego sculptures next to me in the office comes to mind!

#5 The Job

Whenever people ask me what it is that I do, I sometimes struggle to answer. Of course, there’s everything which comes with heading up the People function for a rapidly growing business. But my role at Benefex is so much more than that. Three years on, and I can say in absolute truth that there has never been a dull moment. My job encompasses everything from day to day operational HR activity, to delivering the People strategy, to helping drive the business forward as a Board member… to moments like today, when I’m judging the annual pumpkin carving competition! At Benefex, we all have the autonomy and permission to create and deliver in a role that we love. And it’s a role and a business that, three years on, I still feel so utterly privileged to be in #unstoppabletogether