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Learning Goals: In Pursuit of Our Dreams

I spent part of yesterday delivering one of my favourite training courses we offer via the Benefex University: CPD and Personal Development.

For me, taking ownership of my self-development is always something which has come naturally, perhaps because of my background training as an actor, where ownership of one’s own personal development is essential in order to progress. In the cut-throat world of professional theatre, there are no line managers, annual appraisals, or KPIs. Actors are taught from their first day of training to seek out every opportunity to upskill. After all, if you don’t do it, no one else is going to be doing it for you.

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Love Is In The Air: How To Love What You Do


We’ve all met them, haven’t we? Those lucky b*stards who, when asked what they do, turn around and smugly announce “Oh, I’m a [job title]. I absolutely love my job.” And, for any of us who dread the Monday morning alarm call and spend every working hour wishing the week away, our reaction will be mixed with disbelief and envy. How can anyone love going to work?

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Feeling The Fear And Doing It Anyway

In my blog post, 10 Things We Should All Do More of In 2017, I wrote about good reasons to feel the fear and do something anyway. Without a doubt, the most game changing (in a positive way!) moments of my career to date have been when I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone and done something outside of the norm. If you want to deliver something remarkable, you need be prepared to do something remarkable to get there.

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Annual Appraisals: Are They Dead And Buried?


If you happen to ask line managers how they manage the performance of their employees, in my experience you’re likely to receive a variation on one of two responses:

  • ‘Oh, I understand the disciplinary process, I know that if an employee isn’t performing then we need to go down the formal route.’
  • ‘Well, we have an annual appraisal, so I’ll tell them then how they’re doing.’

If you’re new in a management role, from the examples above it can become very easy to make the mistake that performance management is a one off, annual event, as opposed to the ongoing, proactive process that it needs to be in order to really deliver results.

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The Learning Agenda: Why it’s everyone’s responsibility


Training and development is something which it seems all too easy for managers and employees alike to dismiss with a sweeping ‘that’s HR’s responsibility’. The logic being, presumably, that it involves people, and therefore anything people related should remain the sole remit of HR.

The trouble is, that logic doesn’t quite follow through. People will be involved in every aspect of your business activities, and to silo the gargantuan responsibility of their learning and development into a box marked ‘HR’, without any of the specialist knowledge and experience from departments right around the business, means at best you miss a massive opportunity, at worst you seriously under deliver to your people and disengage them as a result. 

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