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Mind The Gap: The Culture Gap

Culture has been a buzz word in the HR industry for as long as I’ve been a part of it. We’re all familiar with the quote attributed to Peter Drucker: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The truth of course is that great organisations need both a clear and well defined strategy, and the organisational culture which enables delivery of that strategy.

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People Managers – Born, Not Made

Throughout my HR career, arguably the skill I’ve been asked to provide most training in is the art of people management. So, here’s a possibly controversial view. I don’t actually believe you can teach the ability to manage people. Essentially, you either have it, or you don’t.

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“It’s Not Fair!” – And Why It Needs To Be


Having just spent the weekend with my children, I have been left in no uncertain doubt as to their views on the fairness (or otherwise) of the way that I treat them. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday I have been subject to a continuous stream of “It’s not fair.” Whether it’s the amount of cornflakes in their bowl of cereal, or the level of water they have left in their glass, or the fact that one of them has the exact piece of Lego the other one wanted at that moment in time.

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The Long Distance Relationship: Managing A Remote Workforce

remote worker

The way we work is changing. Whilst the majority of us are currently classed as ‘office’ workers, based permanently at our organisation’s main office or site location, this is unlikely to be the case for very much longer. We are seeing an ever-increasing trend towards remote working, whether from home or from smaller satellite locations which could be just about anywhere on the planet.

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Times They Are A’Changing: The Secrets of Successful Change Management

change management

As I write this post, the USA has just voted in its new President. For the US people – and the world – we are about to enter into a period of significant change.

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