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Deliver, Every Day: The Power of Delivery In A World of ‘Busy’

We are all busy. Ask any of your colleagues how they are doing: if the word ‘busy’ doesn’t feature, I’ll eat my hat. Over time, ‘busy’ seems to have become our target state at work. If we are ‘busy’, we must be delivering. Right?

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Performance Management, And Getting It Right

One of the things I’ve loved about writing this blog has been hearing from readers who have come forward with suggestions for topics. Today’s post is inspired by one of our clients here at Benefex, who was interested to hear my views on approaches to performance management.

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Delivery Versus Culture: Who’s Eating Who For Breakfast?

delivery stamp

It’s said that culture eats strategy for breakfast… and I personally believe that to be entirely true… but what about delivery? Culture might trump strategy every time… but can the same really be said for delivery?

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Annual Appraisals: Are They Dead And Buried?


If you happen to ask line managers how they manage the performance of their employees, in my experience you’re likely to receive a variation on one of two responses:

  • ‘Oh, I understand the disciplinary process, I know that if an employee isn’t performing then we need to go down the formal route.’
  • ‘Well, we have an annual appraisal, so I’ll tell them then how they’re doing.’

If you’re new in a management role, from the examples above it can become very easy to make the mistake that performance management is a one off, annual event, as opposed to the ongoing, proactive process that it needs to be in order to really deliver results.

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